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  • Firemac FM Blue is tested Firemac FM Blue walls, ceilings, ductwork and services enclosures have been tested to BS 476 (Parts 20, 22, and 24), EN 1364-1, BS EN 1364-2, and UL 263, and offers up to four hours' fire protection. It also satisfies the performance requirements of BS 5234-2 for severe duty and the maximum crowd pressure rating (3 kN/m).
  • Tottenham Court Road Underground Station
    United Kingdom

    FM Blue has been installed as temporary hoardings, lobby enclosures, security walls and ceilings at the recently redeveloped Tottenham Court Road Station in Central London to provide up to four hours fire resistance. All exposed surfaces were coated in Sherwin-Williams paint to match the Underground's corporate identitity.
  • Dubai Mall

    Firemac FM Fire Ducts have been installed as part of kitchen extract systems in a number of restaurants in the Dubai Mall. The ducts provide fire resistance for two hours.
  • Firemac FM Fire Ducts are tested to BS 476-24:1987 and offer up to four hours' fire resistance. All systems are Third Party Certificated and approved by the relevant Civil Defence authorities.

Welcome to Firemac Gulf DMCC, an international provider of Passive Fire Protection products

Firemac Gulf DMCC is based in Dubai and operates in 11 countries across Africa, the Middle East, India, and the Asia Pacific regions.

Our products are used to protect life and property in the event of a fire. Firemac FM Fire Ducts and Firemac FM Blue walls, ceilings, ducts and services enclosures offer fire protection for up to four hours. All of our systems have Third Party Certification by IFCC or UL, and have full Civil Defence approval in the markets within which we operate.

Firemac FM Fire Ducts are manufactured by our partners using Firemac FM Fabric, a specially woven glass fibre cloth, which is applied to steel ductwork at the point of fabrication. Firemac FM Fire Ducts are tested to British and European Standards and provide fire resistance of up to four hours, with all test evidence independently assessed by the UK's Building Research Establishment (BRE) and covered by Third Party Certification.

Firemac FM Blue is a high impact, non combustible fire protection board comprising a central cementitious core that is faced on both sides with specially designed, mechanically bonded, galvanised steel. Tested to British, European and UL Standards Firemac FM Blue systems have up to four hours' fire resistance, and are blast and impact resistant.

Firemac Gulf also provides fully fire tested accessory products including acrylic and silicone sealants, gasket tape and access panels.

Firemac's fire protection systems have been installed in a wide range of projects in the UK, the Middle East, Africa, India and Asia Pacific.